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Inspire your employees

Subsidize Out Here stays in incredible locations, like Jackson Hole, as a perk


Boost employee morale and retention


Close more top candidates, by featuring Out Here as a perk when recruiting


Reliable WiFi and work equipment, improving employees' WFH efficiency


Reduce dedicated office footprint

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Supercharge employee creativity

How it works


Determine your target budget for total subsidies

E.g., a set dollar amount per employee per year

Tip: take into account savings from a reduced office footprint


Determine an ideal remote working plan for employees

Some ideas:

  • Set number of employees each month, so you can better plan your office footprint

  • Bring a team together in one location for an extended team-building retreat


Implement your budget and plan with Out Here


Employees and teams sign up for a set number of slots each month across Out Here locations

That's it!

We'll ensure your employees have everything they need to stay productive, while enjoying the best of our incredible locations. You'll be billed as employees confirm stays, per your budget and remote working plan.

Work in snow jackson lake grand teton national park laptop
Remote work flexibility is here to stay

Technology enabled it, COVID-19 lockdowns de-stigmatized it, and now top talent expects it. Use it to your company's advantage.

Tips on implementing a remote work plan

  • Offer more flexibility to established employees: boost retention of employees with experience and strong performance reviews, while ensuring sufficient training for new hires

  • Schedule sufficient in-person time to maintain company culture: a percent in-office requirement, mandatory team meet-ups at a set frequency, etc.

  • Listen to your employees, as remote work preferences vary: a month of remote work in the summer to travel with children during school recess, a month in the winter to work from a ski town, or just flexible in-office hours to accommodate personal responsibilities

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